Metallic Epoxies:

Metallic epoxy is a unique product capable of producing custom one of a kind look floors. Its metallic appearance can be enhanced by several application techniques for a special look not to be duplicated. Several colors are available from bright blues and reds to many shades of silver and copper.

Spray Top Overlays:

With our revolutionary sprayable overlay system, we can spray cement like paint to renew old concrete surfaces with ease. It provides a durable, blank canvass that readily accepts stains and looks great. It's like giving your slab a makeover.

Misc. Stained, Scored, Polished, Faux Finished Concrete:

Here's some more photos showcasing a multitude of different methods from using stencils to polishing to staining the existing concrete surface. We can do tennis courts too!

Hand Troweled Overlays:

A traditional overlay finished with trowels. This enables us to create a variety of textures and adds even more beauty when stained. It can then be scored or stained in an unlimited number of ways to create your masterpiece.

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Stained Concrete Floors